The adorable Emma Watson lands the cover of Teen Vogue!

The adorable Emma Watson lands the new cover of Teen Vogue. What better word is there to use for her other than adorable? She’s just so darn cute! I love the freckles – either they’ve always been covered up – or I’ve never noticed she had them before.

I really like her – and I’m excited to see where her career goes next. She landed the cover of Teen Vogue in promotion of her new movie, Sofia Coppola’s new movie, ‘The Bling Ring.’ I’m super excited to see this movie, mostly because I love Sofia – and she doesn’t make nearly enough movies.

After starring in the Harry Potter films as the very sensible Hermione, she has progressed to playing a teenager who steals designer clothes in her latest film. But it seems Emma Watson is still Hermione at heart after she revealed she has only eight pairs of shoes. And despite amassing a fortune of more than £26million, she condemned extravagant celebrity lifestyles as ‘consumerism as a form of kleptomania’.

The 23-year-old stars in The Bling Ring which opens in the UK next week. It is based on the true story of a gang of teenagers who stole £2million of luxury goods from the homes of celebrities in the Hollywood Hills.

Their biggest haul came from the home of heiress Paris Hilton. The 32-year-old socialite whose great-grandfather founded the Hilton Hotels chain, gave permission to film at her home.

For Miss Watson, stepping into Miss Hilton’s vast walk-in wardrobes was like walking into a department store.

Miss Watson said: ‘It’s almost like consumerism as a form of kleptomania. She could never wear all of those clothes and half of them were brand new and still had the price tag on. But I suppose she just bought them to have them. We’ve all bought things on impulse but that’s an entirely different thing.’

However, Miss Watson appears to be much more down-to-earth. She claimed: ‘I’ve got about eight pairs of shoes and that’s it.’ She went on to say she would not describe herself as a celebrity.

She told Radio Times: ‘There’s a whole new definition to celebrity now. And I think that’s why you see a lot of actors blanching at being associated with that word “celebrity” because it’s become something that isn’t really associated with having a craft… But it’s easy for me to sound like a total hypocrite because, of course, I’m dressed in designer clothes right now.’

Following the last Harry Potter film, 2011’s Deathly Hallows: Part 2, Miss Watson has been taking an English literature degree at Brown University in the US.

Commenting on her studies, she said: ‘I’ve always juggled my education with working and I’ve always liked the balance of that. I’ve always liked being able to go and do a film and then take a break and use my brain and do something different. I hope one day to do a Masters. But I’m just going to keep gently moving towards it and I’m not in any particular rush.’



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