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LUSH gears up for summer with a limited edition Beach Box ($29.95)! This portable little box contains LUSH favorites that evoke the carefree feeling of summer. The Beach Box will be available in stores and online starting June 28th, and will be available while supplies last.

The Beach Box contains the following products, in smaller, more travel-friendly sizes.  Such a great kit, and an amazing value. Check out my favorite items below. 

A solid shampoo? It was a new way to shampoo for me but I love it. The Seanick Solid Shampoo got my hair really clean and left it so soft. I can’t wait to use this for camping this summer, such a great shampoo that is easy to transport.

Seanik Solid Shampoo
Soften tangled locks and add oceans of shine with this mineral-rich, sea salt volumizing shampoo. Like a trip to a blue lagoon, Seanik is made with the best ingredients from the sea; softening Irish moss seaweed, and Japanese nori seaweed to make your hair soft as silk from root to tips, and sea salt to give body and volume to hair that’s fallen flat. (Vegan)

Love the Sea Spray Hair mist, it takes my natural curl from ugh to beautiful beach waves with just a few spritzes. And if my hair gets a little crazy during the day a few spritzes and I am golden again.

Sea Spray Hair Mist
Our sea salt, sea water and seaweed spritz holds hair in place, adds shine and gives body for a beach-beautiful look. A gorgeous orange flower, grapefruit, neroli and rosewood blend perfumes the spray. Use anytime you want to refresh, re-style or add some volume, texture and shine. (Vegan)

Seriously I am obsessed with this stuff. If I ever win the lottery the first thing I am buying is a claw foot tub that I will fill with Dream Cream and just baste myself in it nightly. This cream is so decadent and rich and makes my skin softer than a babies booty and it absorbs leaving only softness and no residue!

Dream Cream
Our number one, best-selling product of all time, Dream Cream contains every ingredient nature makes for soothing sore skin. A calming blend of oat milk, lavender and chamomile works to cure irritated skin, reduce redness, and banish blotches. Olive oil and cocoa butter are perfectly suited and incredibly effective for dry or chapped skin, and especially gentle for even the most sensitive types. (Vegan)

My skin has been all over the place lately, probably do to the spastic Oregon weather. One day its 80 the next day its 48 degrees. The result my skin revolts! I have been using this scrub a few times a week and it is really helping keep my face in check, oh and it smells amazing!

Ocean Salt Face & Body Scrub
Washing with Ocean Salt is like taking your face on a trip to the seaside for an invigorating splash in the water. We mix in fresh avocado and coconut to hydrate thirsty skin, while the antibacterial effects of lime and vodka is ideal for blocked pores, blackheads or blemishes. The minerals in sea salt soften as it scrubs away dirt and blockages.

I might look unusual but this little marvel is a great soap. It leaves my skin clean and soft without over drying and I like how long it lasts. The little seaweed bits makes it feel like I am at an ocean side spa.

Sea Vegetable soap
Sea Vegetable is made with skin softening seaweed, one of our favorite ingredients, with a crust of stimulating sea salt to give your body a good scrub down. In addition to cleansing your skin, salt also helps to soften and hydrate. Float away with the reviving scents of lime, lavender and seaweed. (Vegan)


The Beach Box will be available in stores and online starting June 28th, and will be available while supplies last.


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