Nicole Richie and her younger sister get their ears re-pierced in new web series, #CandidlyNicole

Fashion icon, creative director of House of Harlow 1960 and Winter Kate and mom, Nicole Richie, brings her unfiltered sense of humor and unique perspective to life in a new series based on Nicole’s twitter feed and will follow the outspoken host as she muses on her own daily insights and shares her uncensored perspective on style, parenting, relationships and her journey through life.  (20 episodes, 1 per week).

In this new episode of her web series, #CandidlyNicole, Nicole Richie and her younger sister, Sofia Richie, visit a piercing parlor to update their look. While getting their ears re-pierced, Nicole and Sofia talk everything piercing from tongue rings to piercings beneath the belt and more!

Nicole: Today we are getting our ears pierced. We’re actually getting re-pierced, both of us, because our holes closed up, because we’re idiots. This is not our first time we’ve gotten pierced together….
Adonica (Piercer): Who wants to go first?
Sofia: I will.
Nicole (to Adonica): …How many piercings do you have?
Adonica (Piercer): Just the ones you can see. Nothing exciting…
Nicole: How many piercings have you done?
Adonica (Piercer): Oh my gosh, thousands.
Nicole: What’s the craziest?
Adonica (Piercer): Use your imagination.
Nicole: Okay, down there, but that’s pretty common now, right?
Adonica (Piercer): I have a couple of clients that have 15-18, and you hear a little jingle in their walk.
Nicole: 15-18 down there? Like bedazzled?
Adonica (Piercer): Very bedazzled.
Nicole: Could be very nice on Christmas.
Adonica (Piercer): …How many piercings do you have?
Nicole: I just have the ones in my ears. I used to have my nose for a second. I would say I had it for a good year.
Adonica (Piercer): …What made you take it out?
Nicole: Because we’re done…I got my tongue pierced for a week, but my mom found out. But I didn’t know it was for sluts…and I had my belly button, which is so embarrassing, because now I have that stupid scar and I don’t even want it. I’d rather my kids get tattoos than piercings, except for her {Sofia}.
Adonica (Piercer): Except for this one?
{Referring to sound of laughter in the next room} …That’s the genital room.
Nicole: Stop. It is? And they’re laughing?
Sofia: You don’t pierce that?
Adonica (Piercer): I do. You got to make a living….
Nicole: {Prepping for piercing} I find if you scream it hurts less…so what should I do scream or not scream?
Sofia: You should scream.
Nicole: Ok. Are you counting? …1,2…
Nicole screams…



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