Review: Vita Liberata Self Tanning Collection

One of the UK’s top self-tanning brands Vita Liberata has recently launched in the US at Sephora. Vita Liberata offers an extensive range of at-home products, including mousses and lotions, in tinted and untinted formulas, ensuring there is a product to suit all. All products are non-toxic, organic, quick drying, odorless and lock in moisture.

Check out my thoughts on the self tanning line and swatches. 



I have used many, many kinds of self tanners and it takes a lot to stand out at this point but Vita Liberata is different from all the other self tanners I have tried. I was skeptical of the claims of a 2-3 week tan but after my first trial run I can say the tan did last over 2 weeks. Now reading the directions it indicates you want to apply 2-3 days consecutively to get the perfect deep tan then just keep your skin hydrated to maintain your color for the 2-3 week tan. The swatch above is from a single use and I am impressed how even the color comes out and I find two applications gets me the perfect golden hue. 

What stood out for me was first how little you need just a pump of mousse goes a long way, which is a great thing for a self tanner. My favorite thing about Vita Liberata is how quick it dries. Within a minute or two of application my skin is dry to the touch no stickiness and no color transfer to my sheets of clothing. The product doesn’t have any self tanner smell which is nice.

If you are new to self tanners you will love the instant bronze this mousse has which helps make smooth, even application a cinch.

Vita Liberata pHenomenal Self Tanner $54
pHenomenal gives a longer-lasting tan – up to 4 times longer than any other tan, with a perfect, natural fade. Available in Fair, Medium and Dark.

Incorporates new technology (pHeno2) that works with unique Time Release DHA which slowly releases DHA over time to extend tan – lasts 4 times longer than any other tan. Mousse formulation is quick-drying, light and airy to give a beautiful, natural bronze result which leaves the skin soft and moisturized.

Availability: Sephora/

The Vita Liberata Rich Self Tan lotion dries so quickly it shocks me every time I use it. I love that I can apply it in the morning and in a few minutes I can get dressed and not worry about any color transferring.  This product being a lotion over a mousse does apply a bit differently. I find it best to use just a bit and really work it in, I have used too much and had a few darker spots.  After a few trial runs I realized I just need a tiny bit to get a great glow. And again with the lotion you don’t have to worry about a self tanner smell, just apply and in minutes you will forget you even put it on.

Vita Liberata Rich Self Tan Lotion $37.50
Rich (**Star) tinted tan lotion offers an instant color so you can ‘tan and go’.

The transfer resistant, instant bronzing guide color allows you to see where your tan is being applied, looks completely natural and dries instantly as your golden bronze tan develops underneath over 4-8 hours.

Availability: Sephora/


My new favorite Face self tanner! My skin is really pale and myface tends to look washed out. I started applying the Vita Liberata Rich Face Self Tanner every few days instead of my daily moisturizer and I love to results. The lotion is light and feels hydrating on my skin. With even one use my face has a great golden color that helps me look awake and vibrant. It also dries really quickly so no worries of it transferring to your clothing. Just a pump or two covers your whole face so one bottle will last a long time. All that and its organic!

Vita Liberata Rich Face Self Tan Lotion $29
Rich Face (*Star) is a light, tinted moisturizing lotion that develops in 4-8 hours, combining deep moisture and instant bronzing to care for the delicate skin of the face and neck.

As it blends seamlessly with all of our tinted body tans, it is the perfect accompaniment and it can be used regularly in place of your normal moisturizer.

The lotion formulation is extremely conditioning, great for sensitive, mature or dry skin.

Availability: Sephora/


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