Drew Barrymore lands the cover of C Magazine, looks amazing!

The gorgeous Drew Barrymore lands the summer 2013 issue of California Style Magazine. I think this is one of the better photo shoots I’ve ever seen of Drew. She just looks so great. Better than ever!

In the interview Drew opens up about her life with husband Will Kopelman and more.

She’s so lucky: “I won the in-laws jackpot. It might be the best karma for having one of the wackiest upbringings. I never had dinner with my mom or dad, let alone together. It’s amazing to think that in life you can completely have a do-over.”

Kopelman enlightened her: “I told him, ‘Dining rooms are stupid. They shouldn’t exist. When was the last time we had a dinner party?’ Family dinners would never have occurred to me, and that’s what I want most. Now it’s my life mission to figure out this room.”

She’s highly likable – don’t you agree?

Wait till you see the pictures after the jump!


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