Bedroom Chemist has what you need to spice things up!

Looking to heat things up a little more this summer? The NEW Bedroom Chemist Massage Kit available beginning June 2013 is the coolest way to rekindle the romance on hot summer nights. Bedroom Chemist is a website dedicated to bringing couples’ advice, tips and relationship-friendly products to keep their special bedroom chemistry energized.  Recreate feelings of first touches, sensual anticipation and intimate connectedness through the ultimate form of touch: Massage.

What a great idea, huh? Bedroom Chemist is really a cooooool website. Let’s just say I may have gotten my hands on the Spring 2013 (that’s my sister and her husband “trying it on”) and it was FULL of some REALLY fun stuff! What I thought was the best part was the products in the box were SUPER high quality! The panties were NICE! The maid outfit wasn’t some cheap plastic costume you get at a Halloween store. It was nice – you could wear it again and again and again! The feather “duster” was a nice little touch!

If you guys haven’t checked out the Bedroom Chemist website yet – you need to. It’s so much fun!

Find out more about what came in my Kit after the jump!

Just like Paris in Springtime, the Bedroom Chemist Spring 2013 Kit captures the allure of the playful French maid.

STEP 1: Create Sparks (a.k.a. “Desire”)

French is the language of love. Speak sweetly to the heart of your beloved with an effusion of romantic French words in a beautiful note card. Included is a “No Housekeeping Needed” sign to ensure nothing slows down your electrifying European fantasy.

STEP 2: Accelerate the Passion (a.k.a. “Foreplay”)

Every French maid needs a sexy, little duster. And what a tantalizing toy it makes for your sensual foreplay! The silky, natural feathers will tickle, tease, and titillate the skin with arousing sensation.

STEP 3: Reach your Melting Point (a.k.a. “Satisfaction”)

Your man will melt when he sees you in this naughty French maid apron. The ruffles add a sweet yet seductive touch that are sure to make him say “Oui!”


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