New! Whish Hair Inhibiting Gel Swipes

I had the chance to review the new Whish Hair Inhibiting Gel Swipes, which were shown in clinical studies to reduce hair density by 26% after 28 days of daily use. I love how easy to use, they come in a little package you just tear open and wipe wherever you want to make your hair less coarse.

The wipes have a  really yummy pomegranate scent that is refreshing and makes me thirsty for a cocktail. They are really moisturizing I like the way my legs feel after I wipe them. I am 2 weeks into use and I can say my leg hair does seem to grow a bit slower when I am using these.

One of the great benefits of these wipes is using them as  post-treatment after waxing to help calm irritation and refresh skin.  They are great for travel or in your gym or bag beach bag its a nice light moisturizer that keeps my skin looking good.

Our popular Shave Savour Hair Inhibiting Gel in a quick swipe form. After a shower, yoga, or spa treatment just swipe the Shave Savour all over for instantly refreshed, cooled, and moisturized skin. All this, and its quick drying formula also slows future hair growth. Imagine that.


  • Organic Aloe – a soothing, natural anti-septic with anti-bacterial properties, anti-inflammatory, and moisturizing properties.
  • Organic Shea Butter – has a high content of non-saponifiable fats that are the best natural skin moisturizers and are also high in anti-oxidants.
  • Panthenol – a natural, hydrating vitamin when applied externally, it penetrates into lower skin layers adding essential moisture and increased collagen production.


  • Chaparral Extract – loaded with anti-oxidants this natural ingredient slows hair regrowth leaving skin softer for longer in between shaves.


  • Hyaluronic Acid – made famous by ABC’s 20/20. It is known as an anti-aging ingredient and sun damage repair treatment.
  • Retinol Palmitate – Assists with skin rejuvenation and cell turnover.

Shave Savour is made in the USA with Earth friendly packaging and ingredients. Tested on us, not animals™.

$8 (8pk) / $20 (20pk) (.64 oz per swipe)

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