Two new amazing lip products from Secret Agent Beauty!

Secret Lip Affair Lip Plumpers!

You know I love me some lipgloss…….but only if it doesn’t feel like a lipgloss. I don’t like heavy lipglosses that feel sticky. You know the type. But these two products I’m absolutely dying over! Loving the texture – and the long-lasting look!

Give your lips the attention they deserve with the NEW Full Agents from Secret Agent Beauty.

Lips Love Moisture. Enjoy a Secret Lip Affair with three new Full Agents packed with Aloe and Vitamins to keep lips soft and moisturized. Natural Peppermint and Sacha Inchi Oils provide three levels of lip-plumping action to stimulate and hydrate lips while leaving them lusciously full.

Each gloss is infused with lychee or coconut-lychee scents making them a perfect lip treat!

Price: $18

Kiss Kiss Rendevous Lip Treatments

Lips Love Special Treatment. That’s why these Full Agents are planning a Kiss-Kiss Rendevous with YOUR lips! Indulge & satisfy your lips with these Aloe + Vitamin-infused moisturizing lip glosses!

Agent Golden Spy is infused with real gold flakes, which is an ancient beauty secret that helps hydrate, smooth and protect your lips! This is the perfect lip treatment to use before bed at night to fully condition lips. Agent Lips Galore is infused with Grape seed Oil to stimulate collagen production and allow the skin to absorb the treatment with ease. It also can be used as a highlighter on the cheeks or eye lids!

Choose from these two amazing treatment options that your lips won’t be able to resist.

Price: $21

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