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With Memorial Day weekend in our rear view mirror a lot of us are ready for summer and weekends spent outdoors at the lake, beach and park. Do you have your summer sun protection ready to go? Even on overcast days the damage from the sun can be harmful. Make sure you are your family are protected from damaging rays  with one of my favorite sunscreen lines, Supergoop.  A great line for people with sensitive skin, check out my new favorite from their great collection of products.

The Supergoop!®  Sunscreen Day Cream, will keep you skin protected and safe while you are out having fun. The formula is really thick but absorbs well into my skin. It leaves a slight white cast to my skin but its pretty faint and I find it helps even out any redness in my skin tone. One of the best features is how it leaves a nice matte finish on my skin.  I really don’t like the oily, or greasy look a lot of sunscreens can leave on my skin besides not looking good it feels icky. I love that this product leaves my skin matte and works great under my powder foundation. I have used this out hiking and even on the longest, sweatiest hike my skin was protected with no burns. It will definitely be in my bag all summer to make sure while I am out having fun I am not damaging and aging my skin.

Supergoop!® Antioxidant-Infused Sunscreen Day Cream SPF 50 PA+++ $37
This antioxidant-rich and anti-inflammatory cream delivers ultra strong protection with a delicate touch. The best choice for sensitive, fair, and light skin and will leave a soft, white, protective cast.

Protects against broad-spectrum UVA, UVB, and IRA rays
The hypoallergenic, mineral-based SPF formula will not irritate even the most sensitive skin types
Provides anti-inflammatory benefits, reducing redness and irritation from Rosacea
Improves skin elasticity
Withstands water for a full 80 minutes of active sun protection
Free of oxybenzone*, parabens, and fragrances

Olive oil polyphenols naturally reduce redness and irritation
Antioxidants that naturally protect skin from free radical damage

Best paired with Advanced SPF 37 Anti-Aging Eye Cream
Apply daily to face, neck, and body after cleansing
Safe for infants 4 months of age and up

*More than half of sunscreens on the market contain the chemical, oxybenzone. Toxicology experts and the Environmental Working Group believe that oxybenzone is linked to hormone disruption and possibly to cell damage, which can lead to cancer. Make sure your sunscreen is oxybenzone-free!

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