DIY: Ombre Highlights!

I’m turning 36 in a couple weeks. Over the weekend we had some family members over for dinner, and one of these said family members pointed out how grey I am. He said “Wow, I didn’t realize how grey you are!!” Thanks. Thankyouverymuch. I am grey. Like grey, grey. I know I have more grey than any of my peers, but I try to keep it hidden with monthly root touch-ups.

So anyway, on my monthly trip to Sally’s yesterday, I was standing in the dye aisle, and was looking at all the colors – wondering if I should try something different. I mean, it’s practically my birthday, right? Something new? I’m officially closer to 40 than I am to 30. Not depressing at all, right? I need something fresh, something exciting. I didn’t want to make an appointment, and wait weeks to get in, and drop $100+ on highlights. So I thought to myself…… why can’t I try doing it myself?

I asked the Sally’s employee what I should buy, and he picked out all the products I would need to do ombre highlights myself. I came home and watched 100 You Tube videos on the process, and found that everyone pretty much does it differently. So what you’ll see here is my unpolished, unprofessional and mighty easy way to get ombre highlights yourself.

Do you like how I started the post with the AFTER picture, and not the BEFORE picture? For that bad boy – you’re going to have to follow me after the jump…

So this is Jocelyn, pre-dye job. You can see my grey roots. Those bad boys will have to be touched up.

I’ve had short hair most of my life. This is probably the longest my hair has ever been. It’s been fun, being able to curl my hair, etc.

Anyway, below are the supplies I used. Only thing not showing is the Developer. I used a 20.

What You’ll Need:

  • Bleach Packet – I used Prism Lites
  • Root Color (if needed): I used 6N
  • Ombre Color:  6G (This is the blonde color I picked, you can pick whatever you like!)
  • Foil sheets (just cut up some Reynolds)
  • Bowl & Brush for dye (although I just ended up using my fingers instead of the brush)
  • Developer: I used level 20

Let’s go!

So first thing I did was touch up my roots using the 6N (Gray Busters…. shut it!). You mix equal parts color with developer. 2 ounces each, 4 ounces total. Look at this picture. That is dayum sexy. All in a day’s work.

After I touched up my roots, I mixed up my bleach by mixing the entire packet of bleach with 2 ounces of developer. I swished it all around until it was blended together well – and I was surprised by the smell! It smelled like blueberries!

I pulled out sections of hair, and using my fingers, I coated the bottom 4-5 inches of hair with the bleach mixture. After coating the strands of hair, I wrapped them in foil, and just let them hang. At this point I’m pretty much FREAKING OUT because I’ve just put bleach in my hair. Holy cow.

I let the bleach sit on my hair for 40 minutes – and then went and showered. Once I washed all the product out of my hair, and then styled it, I about burst into tears. (If you’re wondering why there are no picture of my hair at THIS step, it’s probably because I was so freaked out – I was rushing to fix it!)

Then I remembered there’s one more step! After lifting all the dye off your hair – you have to re-dye the stripped hair – with the blonde color!

So I dyed the ends of my hair that had been stripped of color with the blonde (6G) that I picked out! I let that sit on my hair for another 40 minutes, and then washed it again.

The results were amazing!! The ombre color is a beautiful blonde/red. My hair naturally pulls red, so even if I tried to get it blonde, it would still end up some shade of red. I think the end result turned out really beautiful! I tried to get some pictures of the hair closeup – but it was tricky.

Here’s what the bottom looks like. Didn’t it turn out well?

In the end, I was able to give myself ombre highlights – all for about $20. (The Developer can be used probably 10 times, so that’s a good investment!)

It was easier than I thought it would be – and a good learning experience! I knew if I messed it up TOO bad, I could just dye it back to brown. But I think it’s a keeper! What do you think?


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