January Jones opens up about her style in the New York Times, says “I want to do things that are shocking.”

January Jones is not about to reveal the identity of her son’s father, and you have Jack Nicholson to thank for that.

While everyone (me) believes the baby daddy is Jason Sudeikis, it’s also been rumored to be Bobby Flay and Matthew Vaughn (who is married to supermodel Claudia Schiffer).

In a new interview with The New York Times, January Jones opens up about ‘Mad Men,’ how people perceive her, and why she won’t reveal who the father of her son, Xander, is.

On being playing the uptight Betty Draper on ‘Mad Men’:

“That was the fear for me,” Ms. Jones said, “that we’d be in the third season, and you’d hate the character.”

Ms. Jones regards Betty with compassion. “She is really searching for something, but doesn’t know herself well enough to know what might make her happy,” she said. If Betty seems unmoored, “that’s because she is a little girl, an orphan,” Ms. Jones said. “She has a childlike emotional response to things. You have to treat that very, very tenderly.”

On the scene in ‘Mad Men,’ where Betty tells her husband he can “rape” one of Sally’s friends:

“Betty has a sick sense of humor,” Ms. Jones said. “People need to realize that in that scene, Betty is just basically trying to make Henry blush. “

On the identity of her son’s father:

“That’s my son’s business,” she said. “It’s not the public’s business.”

Fans might relate better to her if she did discuss her private life, but the prospect seems not to interest her. “Jack Nicholson once told me: ‘You should never give your personal life away, otherwise people will pick you apart. They’ll never believe in your character.’ ”

On eating the placenta after her son was born:

“It was like taking a vitamin blended into a smoothie,” she said unabashedly, explaining that the practice is a common folk remedy against postpartum blues. Maybe she shouldn’t have been so candid, Ms. Jones said, adding with pinch of sarcasm: “I’m a mammal. I nursed. I did all kinds of weird stuff.”


On being private in her personal life:

“Women should have lots of secrets,” she said, a rare gleam of mischief in her eye. “It’s our right to have secrets. Otherwise, what would we write in our memoirs?”

On her personal style: 

“Most of my choices are my ultramodern and very thought-out,” she said.

On the red carpet, meanwhile, “I want to do things that are shocking.” Critics dismissed the stiffly bibbed Prabal Gurung gown she wore to the Screen Actors Guild Awards in January, but “I wanted to go extreme in hair and makeup, like a Bowie character, maybe,” Ms. Jones said. “I thought that might be a little confusing, which I like.”

On her MET Gala outfit:

“Those people don’t have degrees in fashion,” Ms. Jones said. “Why would I care what they say?”

She’s frugal:

“I wasn’t brought up with money,” she said. “I don’t think I’d spend more than $150 on a shirt.” She is orderly. “I’m almost O.C.D.,” she said. “You will never find a piece of clothing on my floor. I can’t relax if I’m sitting in a mess.” She has passed that fastidiousness to her son. “His first word was ‘Mama,’ ” she said. “His second was ‘back,’ ‘cause I keeping saying, ‘Put it back.’ ”

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