Sexy, Summer Curls with Body and Bounce with Malibu C.


Summer is the season to drop the hot styling tools and embrace curls instead of trying to fight them. Bring out the best in your natural – or chemically treated – curls with Malibu C’s effortless daily maintenance solution and weekly at-home treatment for added TLC. Whether they’re beachy waves or bouncy ringlets, flaunt what you’ve got with these wellness beauty solutions.
Weekly “Mini Malibu MakeOver”

I love this product, its very different from anything I have ever used but it really brings my curls back to life. Just rub in your hands with a little water and scrunch through your hair. After I let it sit for a few minutes I rinse out and shampoo and condition. My curls hold their shape so much better and it helps bring out the nice big, loose curls in my hair not the tiny spiral curls I dread. So easy and using just once a week my hair looks so much better.

Step 1: Curl Partner Wellness Treatment,  $3.50/4 g packet or $42/box of 12 packets (on sale $31.50)

Reveal brilliant, beachy waves and pump up your hair’s natural body and bounce with this wellness treatment that removes the pesky minerals weighing down your locks. More gentle and effective than a clarifying shampoo, this treatment is formulated with Malibu C’s patented vitamin crystal technology that is freshly activated with water for maximum effectiveness and immediate, glamorous results.

If you have color treated or dry hair this is the treatment for you. The Malibu C Miracle Repair works in just the first use to bring out softer, shinier hair. I love how easy this makes my hair to comb through and it leaves it so soft, and shiny. A really great treatment post heat styling to protect and repair your hair.

Step 2: Miracle Repair Wellness Reconstructor, MSRP $3.50/4 g packet or $42/box of 12 packets

This Malibu miracle is a deep conditioning wellness treatment formulated with a mega-dose of gluten-free plant proteins that penetrate deep into the hair shaft and seek out only the damaged strands in need of repair to strengthen hair from within. Rich nourishment directly from nature instantly detangles and leaves locks softer, shinier and more manageable without any added weight or breakage.

My hair is always a tangles mess post shower and I need something to help soften it to get it combed through. The Malibu C Leave-in mist works great for me. Just a few spritzes and I can easily comb through even the most tangled areas. On top of that it helps protect my hair and leaves it really shiny. I love how light it is, never weighing my hair down its just enough conditioner to make it manageable.

Step 3: Daily Leave-In Conditioner Mist,  $12 (8 fl oz)

This daily leave-in super spray detangles frizzy locks and doubles as a nutrient-rich thirst-quencher for overworked, dehydrated tresses. Antioxidant rich, this magic mist is jam-packed with vitamins and nutrients to offer fierce fade fighting and combat damage from roots to tips. The ultimate beach bag must-have that instantly revives stressed strands leaves hair softer, shinier and more resilient.

All Malibu C products are 100% vegan and free of sulfates, parabens, DEA and gluten.


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