Need a way to clean up post workout without a shower?

I love hitting the gym, what I don’t love it when I can’t get right to the shower and I can just feel the sweat and grime hanging out on my skin. The new 2-in-1 Acne Wipes from AcneFree are awesome for post workout cleansing.

I love how gentle they are no harsh sting, just a simple swipe and my face is sweat and grime free no rinsing needed. These are perfect for your gym bag or traveling this summer. Keep your skin looking great with these affordable skin clearing wipes!


AcneFree 2-in-1 Acne Wipes $5.99

Washing your face after a great, sweaty workout is one of the most important rules of intelligent skincare. All of the built-up sweat and bacteria in your pores needs to be cleaned out as soon as possible, and problems can arise when that’s not an option. Unfortunately, some of the hardest places to find showers are some of our favorite places to work out – yoga, Pilates and kickboxing studios… So, how can you take care of your skin after taking care of your body?

New AcneFree® 2-in-1 Acne Wipes are a two-in-one treatment to cleanse your skin and treat your acne on-the-go. The oil-free wipes feature 0.5% Salicylic Acid, a dermatologist-recommended acne medication that helps to prevent breakouts and keeps pores open and clear of impurities. There is no need to rinse after use, making the wipes perfect for on-the-spot treatment after working up a sweat! Plus, the disposable wipes come in a convenient, resealable pouch that you can easily throw in your gym bag!



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