Gwyneth Paltrow gives a hilarious, admittedly drunk-interview, toasts to "hairless vaginas!"

Two Australian DJs won a chance to have dinner with Gwyneth Paltrow last week in New York City. The DJs paid $30,000 in an auction to sit down with Goopy and ask her a bunch of questions. They recorded it for their show.

Here’s what went down when Kyle & Jackie O (above) sat down with Gwyneth:

On being drunk before dinner: ”I am drunk already. I am. A martini went straight to my head and now wine. With no food. So just watch out.”

On what they paid to have dinner with her: “How much did it cost. 7 pounds?”

On eating bread: ”I had like four pieces and on my fifth piece, I was like ‘f*ck this’ and threw it back in the basket.”

On the Met Gala: ”Like you always think, ‘Oh my god. This is going to so glamorous and amazing and you’re going to see all these people.’ And then you get there, and it’s so hot. It’s so crowded. Everyone’s pushing you. This year it was really intense. It wasn’t fun.”

On Kanye West:Kanye West was playing. And he was furious. And he threw his microphone down. It was all drama!”

On the Met Gala going “Punk”: ”I feel like we’re all a bit old to be trying to dress punk.”

On meeting Psy: ”We’re at the Met Ball. Our son is obsessed with him. So Chris sees him, and he’s like ‘Oh my god, there’s Psy.’ I was like, wait — ’cause I thought it was P-S-Y. I was like, who’s Psy?”

On her bikini line: ”I said, ‘No, I got a big ’70s bush.’ Which I was kidding. But then it was all a disaster. And now I look like an 8-year-old girl, basically.”

On bikini waxes: ”Every time I have a bikini wax, Cameron Diaz holds me down.”

On toasting her vagina: ”Cheers to our hairless vaginas!”

Okay, honestly I thought this was a hilarious interview. Yeah, she was blitzed, but she didn’t really care what anyone thought! You have to appreciate people like that.

Cheers to hairless vaginas! C’mon, it’s funny.


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