I'm in love with Doodle Pants!

I’m absolutely in love with Doodle Pants, and I ain’t afraid to admit it! I was sent a couple pairs of these to give away to my 2 nieces, and I have to say they are the freaking cutest things I’ve ever seen. There is NOTHING cuter than chubby little baby legs, is there? I have a 6-month-old niece, and a 2-year-old niece, and I gave each of them a pair of these. They are so freaking cute, you’re going to die. They are thick, and warm, and bright, and colorful – and look expensive. They aren’t flimsy and won’t fall apart or lose their color after washing them. I love the little designs on the buns, seriously the cutest thing this Auntie has ever seen!!!

If they look familiar, it’s because these are the tights that Jessica Simpson puts her daughter Maxwell in. Each pair sells for only $24.99, and I think that’s an incredible deal. They will grow with your baby – for a WHILE. They stretch, and grow with your little one!

More info can be found here:




I wasn’t paid for this post – I just genuinely wanted to introduce you guys to Doodle Pants. I love them so much I want a pair for myself (if that wasn’t so weird, I’d probably do it!).

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