Winona Ryder covers the latest issue of 'Interview Magazine,' opens up about her new, difficult role.

Winona Ryder looks absolutely gorgeous on the May cover of Interview Magazine! She’s all gothed out – and I think she nails it!

Winona is promoting her new movie, ‘The Iceman,’ which opened this last weekend in limited theaters. Winona plays the wife of Richard Kuklinski (played by one of my fav’s, Michael Shannon), the real-life serial killer who killed over 100 people for hire – and for sport – before being arrested in 1986. Richard got his nickname because he would often freeze his victims because law enforcement had a more difficult time of determining when the victims died.

In the interview, Winona opens up about her new role:

Taking on a different kind of role in ‘The Iceman’: “This was something that I’d never done before — this genre, true crime — and my biggest fear was that there would be something romantic about it. I could not watch all of those interviews with Richard Kuklinski that are on YouTube or do a lot of research, because what creeps me out even more than the guy himself is the fascination that other people have with this kind of violence. I mean, I get it, but I also see it as repulsive, because this was not a guy in a situation where this guy was war-torn and it was kill or be killed. He was straight-up murdering people for a lot of money.”

Preparing for her role: “I thought about the wives of people like Bernie Madoff and even about ‘The Sopranos.’ But I didn’t do a lot of research, because if I had, then I think I would have played it in a way that the director did not want me to play it. I just went through the script with a Sharpie and blacked out all of the scenes where he was killing people and the ones that I wasn’t in where things were happening that she wasn’t aware of — or maybe she was aware them, but was choosing to be in denial about them.”

Her character was not a victim: “On some level, she had to have known, and so I think she does bear some responsibility, and that was something that I tried to infuse into the character — a sense of greed and of, like, ‘Baby, you better go do what you gotta do, because I want to buy my Valentino suits.’ It was very important to me to show that she was not this naive, wide-eyed mother. She wants to live the way they’re living. There’s also a scene where the girls come into their bedroom and Deborah says the thing about how there are too many people in the world for God to care about all of them. That’s actually a horrible thing to say to your kids . . . While I know that a lot of people refer to her as a victim, I don’t. Maybe she didn’t know that he was, like, shooting people in the face, but to have stayed with him for that long, she had to have known on some level.”

I’ve been wanting to see this movie for what feels like years. I first heard about it ages ago – and it’s been wrapped for eons. I don’t know what’s taken so long to get this to the big screen, but I’m excited to finally see it! I remember watching the HBO documentary on this guy, and I’m looking forward to the movie. I think Winona is a great actress, and it’s nice to see her in a meaty role!

She looks fabulous on the cover, don’t you think?


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