Oh Brother! How to get the Joe Jonas look

Oh Brother! How to get the Joe Jonas look

From an early age, Joe Jonas has constantly been in the spotlight. Ever since he first shot to fame as one of the Jonas Brothers, he’s found it hard to avoid the glare of publicity as millions of young fans swooned at the merest sight of him. Now, he’s come of age and could become a future fashion icon!

Joe was recently spotted with his girlfriend at a music festival rocking a cool new look comprising of a neat little porkpie hat, skinny jeans and some nice accessories. Festival season is coming up soon, and so is the time to get the outfit that’s perfect for rocking out in. You could do much worse than take a leaf out of Joe’s book!

Hat’s amazing

I went to the netvouchercodes.com fashion section and found quite a few bargains on hats like the one Joe wears. Hats can be expensive, but not if you do a little online browsing, because you can never be too sure where the next amazing deal is coming from.

This Kangol porkpie hat (£35.95) is identical to the one Joe wears, and is pretty snazzy. As for the glasses, they’re available for just £8.99 here from ARK (they’re fake, but geek chic is in right now), but you’ve got to be quick.

The shirt is everything

Even though Joe does look pretty dashing, for anyone trying to achieve his look, you’ve got to get a shirt that grabs attention, preferably something with a funny but cute slogan. You can be creative with your t-shirt choice, and Topman sell a wide range that would go great with the hat, glasses and some skinny jeans.

Speaking of skinny jeans, they don’t have to cost the earth either. For £29.99, these ones from H&M are great, but remember to roll the ends up a little if you want to look like Joe. Also, you don’t want them to get caked in mud, as that can happen at festivals!

Shoe thing

Casual walking shoes are ok if the ground’s firm and dry. These from Clarks cost £44.99 and work really well with those H&M Jeans. To complete the festival look, you’ll want some wristbands. If you don’t already have some from a festival you’ve been to, you could always order some personalised ones.

The Joe Jonas look isn’t for everyone, but, if like Joe, you’re tall and skinny, then you’ll be able to rock this look without even trying, but feel free to put your own unique spin on it.

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