New! Tweezerman Spring 2013 Stripes and Mix & Match Runway Prints


As we eagerly await the feeling, flowers, and fashion of spring, revamp your beauty routine with fun, fab Tweezerman tools that have just been unleashed. Tweezerman’s Striped Mini Slant Tweezers and Mix ‘N Match Runway Prints Unbreakable Mirrors & Solemates make it easy and cute to groom during those busy spring months. With the vibrant prints, you can mix ‘n match these products with your new flirty wardrobe and all of those spring bags you have been dying to take out of the closet

Keep reading to see all the great new products! 

Tweezerman makes the  best tweezers. One of my all time favorites are their Slant Tweezers, they have the perfect tip for keeping my eyebrows in shape. So when I received their new Mini Slant Tweezer in adorable stripes? I got my ERMAHGERD face on!

My favorite tweezer now in a mini? Yes please. Besides having the cutest pattern these little guys are perfect for on the go brow touch-ups. I keep one in my car for that magical moment of being parked waiting somewhere and the outdoor light that makes all your little eyebrow hairs stand out. Small enough to fit in your purse but work as good as the full size version these are a must have beauty tool.

*NEW* Striped Mini Slant Tweezers
In thinking of the blossoming of Spring, New Striped Mini Slant Tweezers emulate the fashion designer credo of mixing and pairing of wide and thin stripes in two vibrant color combos! You can find the perfect design whether you prefer laid back nautical or high-end haute couture style. The miniature version of Tweezerman’s award winning Slant Tweezer, the Mini Slant, features the famous, perfectly aligned, hand filed precision tips that grab every hair, making it the ideal on-the-go tool for any it girl or beauty enthusiast.

Price: $15

Availability: Sephora &

Love the new mirrors, they appear to be unbreakable because they have taken a thrashing in my gym/sports/spare clothing and everything else bag. The pattern is bright a perfect for Spring and they have a little pouch you can keep them in so you are ready for a spot checkup anytime and anywhere.

*NEW* Mix ‘N Match Runway Prints Unbreakable Mirrors
The new Mix ‘N Match Runway Prints Unbreakable Mirrors are portable, compact, and fit perfectly into your purse or wallet for makeup touches on the go.

The vibrant chevron print patterns are eye-catching and evoke the flashing lights and excitement of Fashion Week with two color choices of Pink and Blue.

Price: $12.50

Availability: Sephora

Well ladies sandal season is upon us. And the last thing you want is a great pair of shoes on with dry, icky heels. Tweezerman can help you keep your feet sandal ready with the Mix ‘N Match Runway Prints SoleMates. It has a stainless steel Micro-File that works to remove dead skin but won’t leave you looking like you used a cheese grater. The other half had a great buffer to smooth out your skin to smooth, touchable perfection. A great way to keep your feet looking good without racking up a bill at your nail salon.

*NEW* Mix ‘N Match Runway Prints SoleMates
Every fashionista knows the pain of stilettos, but wears them happily for height and style. Now with Tweezerman’s new Mix ‘N Match Runway Prints SoleMates, you can finally reconcile fashion with foot function.

Two expert tools fit together perfectly for clean, compact storage in a beautiful Pink pattern:

the stainless steel Micro-File effortlessly removes dead skin and reduces calluses while the Finishing File buffs skin to touchably, soft smoothness.

Price: $22

Availability: Sephora and








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