New! Orico London Streetwise Hydrating Make-Up Remover for Face and Eyes

I love Spring but a down side of all the blooms is some nasty allergies. Spring pollen leaves my eyes very sensitive and I have to be careful about removing my makeup to not make the issue worse. I had just about given up on eye makeup for Spring, every time I used my eye makeup remover my eyes were left stinging then would be watery for the next day leaving even the skin around my eyes really tender and red. Not fun and definitely not my best look.

From the first use of  Orico London Streetwise Hydrating Make-Up Remover for Face and Eyes I could feel the difference. 

The soft creamy formula, smells absolutely divine  the orange oil scent is so great I look forward to using this each night. Just apply and inhale the great essential oil formula while it goes to work melting away your makeup. The best part it’s so gentle and still removes every last bit of makeup.  Within 24 hours I was hooked, the tenderness around my eyes was gone and no more stinging or watery eyes. The organic formula is not only effective but safe for your skin with no harsh chemicals. This is my 2nd Orico London product and they have both been excellent, can’t wait to try more from this amazing London brand!

Orico London Streetwise Hydrating Make-Up Remover for Face and Eyes
All in one. Gently remove all traces of make-up, the days build up of dirt, impurities and pollutants with new Streetwise Hydrating Make-Up Remover for Face and Eyes. With this organic make-up remover, skin is left soothed, conditioned and revitalized with all-natural plant oils and rejuvenated with tangerine and orange oils that de-congest and increase circulation.

Orico Tips
Cream treat. Dry and sensitive skin loves cream cleansers. Gentle, deep and hard working, they give skin a clean break from the city!
Steam ahead! Get glowing and radiant by steaming the face over safe distance from a bowl of hot water to open pores up to a deeper clean. Take it up a notch – tone while you cleanse by adding a few drops of Rosemary oil. Breathe in, relax and feel your skin come alive.

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