Neutrogena keeps you covered this summer with a huge line of sunscreen products!

The sun is coming, the sun is coming! In fact, as I’m typing this, I’m sitting here staring at the beautiful sun, and wishing I was outside frolicking in it right now! We live in Oregon, we have to enjoy it when we get it!

Neutrogena has got you COVERED this summer as far as sunscreen goes! They offer products for everyone in your family from newborn – to adult! For sensitive skin – for wet skin (which is genius, if you ask me). When I’m in the store and looking to buy sunscreen for my family – I ALWAYS go for the brand I know and trust. I know Neutrogena, I trust them. They offer sunscreens for sensitive skin – and faces. Again – GENIUS! Who wants to clog their pores while protecting their skin from the sun?? Not me!

Why is sun protection so important?  The following was shared at the recent Neutrogena Sun Summit: “The brightness of the sun has increased, while the ozone layer has been depleted,” says Dr. Drew Shindell, Scientist at the NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies.  “So climate change has led to warmer temperatures, which means Spring comes earlier and Fall lasts longer, and people are outside more.  Due to the combination of these environmental and lifestyle changes, current risk of UV is higher than it’s been ever before.”

More products – more pictures after the jump!

Broad Spectrum

Not all broad spectrum sunscreens offer the same protection benefits. NEUTROGENA® sunscreens with HELIOPLEX® Technology meet and exceed the FDA standards to provide superior broad spectrum protection with the ideal balance of UVA and UVB protection to match the sun’s damage profile.


Revolutionizing the way we use sun protection, NEUTROGENA® ULTRA SHEER® Sunscreen with Dry-Touch Technology provides both broad spectrum sun protection and high SPF options. The non-greasy, nonshiny, ultra-light formula feels more like a moisturizer than a traditional sunscreen.

Physical Protection

PURESCREEN® Technology is a blend of titanium dioxide and zinc oxide, two naturally sourced ingredients known to be gentle on sensitive skin. Micronizing the physical particles enables sunscreen formulas to evenly disperse on skin, minimizing the chalky appearance commonly associated with physical sunscreens.


NEUTROGENA® Wet Skin Sunscreens are the first-ever water-resistant sunscreens specifically designed to adhere to and protect wet skin, dampened by swimming, sweating or humid weather, making it easier than ever to apply and reapply. Wet Skin Sunscreens with HELIOPLEX® Technology instantly cut through water to form a superior broad spectrum protective barrier.

All these products are available where Neutrogena is sold!

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