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With a family of 5 that all love sports and working out we have a lot of laundry! As anyone can attest gym clothes are soccer socks can STINK! On top of wanting a detergent that will clean my families clothes, I want something that is cost effective and eco-friendly.

The Roux Maison line was founded in Nashville, Tennessee, by lawyer turned entrepreneur Deena Drummond. A  line of cleaning products that protects your fine fabrics as well as the environment. “I was so frustrated with available laundry products. The scents were strong and overwhelming, and my clothes either didn’t seem clean enough or else they began to fray and fall apart. The numerous chemicals caused fabric deterioration as well as skin and eye irritation,” stated Deena. 

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My first intro to the Roux Maison line was their Sport Laundry Detergent.  Workout clothes are not cheap and it’s important to me that my detergent not ruin the unique fabrics or cause fading, lose of function or shape. I have used the Roux Maison Sport Detergent a few times now and so far I love it. My gym clothes come out smelling fresh and clean without an overwhelming fragrance.

Even better on some of my older gym clothes that seem to never get clean and fresh after a run through the machine with Roux Maison they smell clean! I wasn’t able to try this on any stained clothing but so far I am really happy with the results.

Roux Maison Detergent Line
Roux Maison offers four lines: a basic Essential Laundry Detergent, Sport Detergent, Swimwear Detergent and Delicate Detergent. Each line is offered in three formulas: Ambrosia, Sweet Tea and Fragrance Free. Ambrosia is based around essential lavender oil with citrus undertones. Sweet Tea is scented with citrus oils. Fragrance-free contains no essential oils but has a fresh, spicy pine odor. All variations are safe to use in regular or HE washers.

  • The Essential line is formulated for all basic laundry such as linens, towels and all washable clothing. It is available in 16-oz. BPA-free bottles and is hypo-allergenic. Each bottle will do forty machine loads. Travel sizes containing one ounce are also available and will do 2 loads.
  • The Sport Detergent line is designed to eliminate the dirt, odor and bacteria that thrives in workout gear while maintaining the elasticity, breathability, moisture-wicking and waterproofing properties of Lycra, spandex, hi-tech and performance fabrics. Available in 16-oz. BPA-free bottles for forty machine loads or eighty hand washings.
  • The Swimwear Detergent is available in handy travel size one ounce bottles that will do four to five hand washes or two loads of swimwear. It is formulated to remove chlorine, salt and sunscreens while maintaining the elasticity, color and shape of swimwear.
  • The Delicate Detergent is available in 16-oz. BPA-free bottles (forty loads) and designed for machine or hand washing lingerie, hosiery and shapewear. While safe for silks, cottons and synthetics it will breakdown and remove perspiration salts, body oils and stains.

Product Ingredients

  • Purified Water
  • Fragrances are therapeutic grade, 100 percent essential oils
  • The detergents are neutral pH and vegan
  • There is no animal testing involved in production
  • The detergents contain no Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS), Sodium Lauryl Ether Sulfate (SLES), Formaldehyde, Pthalates, 1,4 Dioxane, Parabens, Phosphates, Optical Brighteners, Genetically Modified (GMO) Ingredients, marine pollutants, artificial fragrances or artificial dyes
  • The detergents are safe for septic tanks
  • The product bottles are BPA-free and recyclable 

Roux Maison Essentials Detergent: $14.99 per 16 oz.
Roux Maison Sport Detergent: $16.99 per 16 oz.
Roux Maison Swimwear Detergent: $14.50 for three 1 oz. bottles
Roux Maison Delicate Detergent: $15.99 per 16 oz.

Roux Maison products are available for purchase online at  www.rouxmaison.com

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