My P&G Everyday Effect: Conservation Challenge

P&G and SheSpeaks are coming together to bring you the P&G Everyday Effect Program! Small actions can add up to a lot! We have been working to become a more “green” family. It’s easy to overlook simple changes that can save a lot of money and reduce our impact on the environment. I was challenged to find a way for my family to cause less waste and see how small everyday actions can lead to big results!

Keep reading to learn about my challenge and find out how the enter the P&G Everyday Effect Contest! 


 For our P&G Everyday Effect Conservation Challenge, we have done a few things:

#1   We have stopped using bottled water and make sure we use reusable containers and filtered water from our fridge.

#2  I do A LOT of laundry in my house with two gym rats and three kids who love playing outdoors and are in sports we can easily do two loads everyday. This is a huge source of energy so I wanted to find a few energy and money saving ideas. First I now wash almost all our laundry (save heavily soiled items) in cold water with the average hot load will cost $0.68 while a cold only runs us $0.04. With an average of even one load a day we can save a lot of energy from running a hot cycle and save over $214 a year! The second thing I have done is switch to Tide pods. At first I wasn’t sure because it can cost more than some of the liquid versions. But after trying a pack I realized because it is all pre-measured we are using the exact amount needed. Saving waste from too much detergent or spills down the front of my machine.
#3     We have replaced all out standard light bulbs with CFL bulbs. Did you know that if you replace your home’s six most frequently used bulbs with CFLs and you can save nearly $180 over the lifetime of the bulbs? 
#4     LIGHTS!!! My kids are bad at leaving every light on in the house night or day. So we sat down and talked about ways to conserve energy and how they can help. Now whenever I call our out “Lights: they know to make sure they have turned off lights that are not needed. It has become a fun game and whoever notices excessive light use can call out “Lights: (usually in a silly voice) and we all race around to make sure we have turned off the lights we aren’t using. 


About P&G Everyday Effect
Many people think their everyday actions are ordinary, and that the things they do every day can’t make a difference to help the environment. P&G believes the most effective changes don’t necessarily start with grand acts and can start much closer to home, by changing the way we think about things like waste.

Seemingly ordinary actions – like washing your laundry in lower temperatures, doing the dishes with concentrated products or changing a diaper that uses thinner materials – can be a surprising help to the world we share… allowing us all to reduce waste

What Is Your Everyday Effect?

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