Loving L'Occitane's Jasmin & Bergamote Perfumed Soap!

Spring is here!! Oh my gosh I’m OBSESSED with this heavenly perfumed soap by L’Occitane!

The Jasmin & Bergamot Perfumed Soap delights with its luminous fragrance, remiscent of spring.

This perfumed soap foams generously when applied with water, making a creamy texture for a gentle and luxurious cleanse. Made with jasmine absolutes from Grasse and Egpyt as well as bergamot essential oil from Italy, it leaves behind an elegant, floral fragrance.

Jasmin & Bergamote Perfumed Soap is part of our their collection inspired by the city of Grasse in Provence. Known by many as the fragrance capital of the world, it is here where precious ingredients from near and distant lands have been combined to create beautiful perfumes for centuries.

I’m loving this new soap so much, I hope it never disappears!

Only $8!

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