Durex to launch vibrating underwear you can control through an iPhone app!

The condom company Durex is taking things a step further, and is launching a line of high-tech, vibrating underwear that can be controlled via iPhone app! In a long-distance relationship? Maybe this is all you need to spice things up!

The new lingerie, which has been named “Fundawear,” are controlled via app, and contain wires and sensors. To give your partner the sensation of being touched, all you’ll have to do is drag your fingers over the app diagram to pinpoint which part you want to touch. Bras, underwear and briefs.

Durex announced the news with the video below (after the jump) on it’s Australia YouTube page. Durex is calling the new line “the future of foreplay. We’ve invented a way for lovers to get hands-on sexy over the Internet,” the company wrote on Facebook.

No word yet when the new undies will be available to buy. When they are – would you buy them?

Watch the video after the jump!

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