LIMITED EDITION! I'm loving Spring Cherry Eau De Toilette from L'Occitane!

Feel the Wings of Spring!

Inspired by the heart-warming scents of Spring time in Provence, L’OCCITANE’s new limited- edition body care collection captures a unique blend of fresh florals and fragrant fruits.

Spring has come to the Luberon mountains, covering the cherry branches with a haze of white flowers. A breeze of freedom caresses the trees, teasing the lacework of blossoms.

Fluttering butterflies, in a rainbow of colors, flirt with the petals as if inviting them to dance.

The bright, sunny days have come. Young women, sheltered by the shade of fragrant orchards, dream of sweet, delicious fruits and
falling in love. CONTINUE READING!

Just as a butterfly comes out of its chrysalis, soon the cherries will appear and summer will be here…

But before it arrives, L’OCCITANE must catch the floating scent of the Spring Cherry tree and transform it into a fragrance.

Bursting with floral freshness, it seems to capture the very essence of Spring and release it to the wind…

I’ve tried not only the fragrance above, but also the body lotion in the same scent. It is absolutely AMAZING. It smells like spring! I just smile every time I put it on! It is heavenly.

These products are LIMITED EDITION – so grab them when you can!!


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