Pink Friday by Nicki Minaj


To be honest I was pretty sure I wasn’t going to like Pink Friday. While I’m a fan of Nicki’s music I wasn’t sure if this fragrance or bottle appealed to me at all.

Well I finally dove in and I have to say my first impression of the bottle was it was a little different.  But the darn thing has grown on my I can say it’s not like any other bottle of my dresser and there is just something fun about it.

So how does it smell?

Well it turns out I love it, Pink Friday is the perfect scent for summer. The musky floral notes work great with the fruit and vanilla scents. It’s not radically different from other fragrances but I can’t stop smelling it there is just something intoxicating about this scent combo. If you are look for a fun, sexy scent for the summer check out Pink Friday! 



Nicki Minaj’s first fragrance , Pink Friday,  is also the name of her first studio album from 2010, the fragrance is a collaboration with the Elizabeth Arden company. The bottle appearance is something like the bust of Nikki herself, consisting of the torso and the head with the famous pink wig. It is designed by Lance McGregor of Paul Meyers and Friends.


Pink Friday is a celebration of my life at this moment; it is a reflection of me as a creator, and an expression of me as a woman. I know my Barbz (that’s how she calls her fans) will connect with and appreciate each aspect – from the name, to the outrageous bottle design, to the vibrant colors that create their own song. Pink Friday shows off my personality and style; it’s exciting to express my voice through another dimension,” says Nicki. “I was involved in every aspect of the decision-making process – it seems easy because I always get this feeling inside: I know if something is right or wrong. Each detail needs to ‘wow’ me or it is not an option; that’s my way of composing perfection.”


Nicki Minaj Pink Friday
Sassy. Fearless. Feminine. Step into a bright new world, one that is larger than life. Jump on this ride and get your world spinning with Pink Friday Nicki Minaj. Sparkling with mouth-watering fruits, the fragrance imparts a playful cloud of pink floral petals that whisper the sultry warmth of vanilla, skin musks and woods. Striking from all angles, the stunning statuesque bottle, just like Nicki, shines in the spotlight. Make life fearlessly fun with the intoxicating new fragrance, Pink Friday Nicki Minaj.

  • Top Notes: Starfruit, Italian Mandarin, Boysenberry
  • Heart Notes: Fresh Gardenia, Lotus Flower, Jasmine Petals
  • Drydown: Creamy Vanilla, Carmelized Pear, Skin Musk, Sheer Woods
The fragrance is available as 50 and 100 ml Eau de Parfum with 200 ml body lotion and 150 ml of hair mist.
Available at Macy’s and Nordstrom. $49.00 – $65.00



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