PHOTOS: LeAnn Rimes tweets bikini pics from her vacation!

Do you think that LeAnn Rimes calls the paparazzi and lets them know where she is and what she’s doing? Seems like every time the girl puts on a bikini, she’s swarmed by paparazzi. She likes to act annoyed with the paps, but I’m guessing she actually quite gets off on it. She tweeted photos of herself on vacation, and then tweets “I guess I’ll go for an ocean dip at midnight cause there are at least 30 paparazzi and @kikicaldas has disowned me.” Hmm/

Anyway, these photos were taken in Miami, where LeAnn is vacationing. According to sources, LeAnn is taking a mini vacation (without her husband and his kids) before she begins touring for her new album.

And back to the bikini photos. Dare I say she’s looking better? She got WAY too skinny there for a while, but she actually looks pretty healthy in these pictures!


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