Company releases condoms that look – and taste – like bacon. WTH?

Bacon makes everything better, right? Does that still apply to condoms? While doing my daily browse of the web, I just stumbled upon this HORRIFIC new condom, made to look and taste like bacon. Do women need their mens junk looking like a greasy piece of bacon? (Think about it.)

A company called J & D’s Bacon Condoms promise their condoms will result in “An even more hot pork experience.”

Just when you think you’ve seen it all, (bacon bandaids, bacon mints, bacon gum, bacon chapstick) this comes out.

J&D’s, a company whose tagline is “everything should taste like bacon,” tests that maxim with their latex condoms that have been coated in “baconlube,” a water-based meat-flavored personal lubricant.

Condom wrappers are decorated in a ultra-realistic photo of bacon, and the condom itself is printed with bacon pattern.

What do you think? Could you get hot for bacon condoms?


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