Holly Madison: "I plan to lose my baby weight in six weeks"

Holly Madison has a PLAN. A plan to get back into shape. A plan that’s only going to take six weeks.

“Right now, I’m just concentrating on healing and eating healthy,” says Holly, who gained 40 pounds during her pregnancy. “I had my placenta turned into pills. My baby nurse said it would help me recover faster and get back on my feet.” And Holly’s not going to cut herself any slack when it comes to regaining her pre-pregnancy body: She’s aiming to be back down to her pre-baby weight of 110 pounds in just a month-and-a-half.

“We’re putting a gym in our house, so I’ll be doing yoga, Pilates and cardio,” reveals Holly, who tells In Touch she will stick mainly to green smoothies, coconut-yogurt, teas and vegetable stews.

Looking forward to returning to work, Holly figures she’ll need to be in top form to do another Las Vegas show. “I think that would be a perfect schedule for me. Just go down the street, do the show for a couple of hours, and then be back with the baby.”

While some Hollywood moms turn to plastic surgery, not Holly — at least not yet. “I want to have more kids,” she tells In Touch. “Maybe when I’m done, that will make sense.”

I think it’s great she has a plan to get back into shape – but SIX WEEKS!? 40 pounds in six weeks? Is that even healthy? Is placenta pills the answer?

How about you? How long did it take you to lose your baby weight? Me? I’m going on twelve years!


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