Have a Spa Day at Home with Shea Terra Moroccan Lava & Argan Oil Volcanic Bath Soak

I have been pushing it extra hard at the gym this week and while I love the feeling after a great workout, its hard to be productive when every muscle in your body aches and you have spaghetti arms. Last night I decided to put Shea Terra Moroccan Lava & Argan Oil Volcanic Bath Soak to the test.  My arms hurt so bad it was hard to take off my pants!

I drew my bath , sprinkle a 1/2 cup of the bath soak  and climbed on in with a glass of wine.  I wasn’t sure what to expect from the mud, it was really nice it added a cloudiness to the water but wasn’t a big muddy mess. After soaking for 20 minutes I jumped out and noticed my muscles were relaxed and no longer screeching in pain. On top of that my skin was really soft and smooth. And clean was easy there was a bit of sand like powder on the bottom I just rinsed out. Can’t wait for my next soak!

Shea Terra Moroccan Lava & Argan Oil Volcanic Bath Soak $28
100% Natural. You LOVE Moroccan argan oil. You LOVE ghassool Moroccan lava clay. And now you will love a volcanic fizzy bath combining two of the most potent beauty secrets on the planet. Detoxify and soften your skin with two stones in one bath.

  • All natural skin softening properties
  • No synthetic fragrances
  • Pure argan oil
  • Cooperative purchased argan oil

What will this Moroccan Lava & Argan Oil Volcanic Bath Soak do for my bath? Overworked and overstressed, there is little time in today’s modern lifestyle to replenish the body and get rid of toxic build up. Our Moroccan Lava & Argan Oil Volcanic Bath Soak makes restoring and de-stressing just as much pleasurable as it is simple. Take time out to rejuvenate and restore your body with a volcanic eruption right in your tub. Detoxify with Moroccan lava clay while you envelop your skin in a sea of Moroccan argan oil.

What is Moroccan lava clay? Formed deep within the Atlas Mountains millions of years ago, the healing clay is rich in magnesium silicate. Moroccan lava clay has long been used to detoxify the skin, pulling toxins from the pores. The clay greatly increases the rate of cellular turnover as it heals blemishes and produces clear skin.

What is Moroccan argan oil? From the protected Argan Forest of Morocco comes an amazing healing and anti-aging oil. Rich in squalene, vitamin A and vitamin E, pure Moroccan argan oil softens skin and slows down aging.

How does Moroccan Lava & Argan Oil Volcanic Bath benefit the women of Morocco? For hundreds of years the women of Morocco have been producing argan oil. Although this rare, costly oil is sold for high prices on the market, the women, often times without means of taking their oil to market, benefitted little. With the forest dwindling, women’s cooperatives were formed to benefit the women and save the forest. Shea Terra Organics’ purchases our pure argan oil straight from the women’s cooperative that produces it.


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