New! H20+ Sparkling Currant Moisturizing Body Balm


I received a sample of this a few days ago and since I cracked it open, I have become addicted. The Sparkling Currant scent is so amazingly good. Its fresh and is such a  deep and authentic Black Currant scent. On top of making me sniff my arm like a crazy person it makes my skin so soft. The shea butter absorbs really well and  my skin has never been so soft, babies butts are jealous! 

Found out they have  a body wash as well, oh heck yeah! 

This moisture-intensive body balm deeply hydrates and softens dry skin with Shea Butter, Black Currant Extract and Natural Fruit Enzymes.

  • Emollient Shea Butter and Provitamin B5 lock in hydration
  • Vine-ripened Black Currant deeply nourishes for smooth, resilient skin
  • Natural Cassis extract refreshes with a tropical berry scent

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