Review: Meile & Grace Anti-Aging Pillowcase


When I hit my 30’s I started to seriously think about skin care and doing everything I could to maintain the health and youthful look of my skin. Now that I am teetering on turning 36 I have tried to encompass a more holistic approach. Realizing everything I need to do more that just creams and lotions to slow the hands of time.

I was given the opportunity to review a Meile & Grace Anti-aging pillowcase and after reading up on the benefits I was excited to try it. The Meili & Grace Anti-Aging Pillowcase arrived in a sturdy black gift box with the promise of a pillowcase made of 100% fine silk. I wondered about the different silk qualities and did a bit of research and found there is a huge difference between cheap silk and 100% fine silk. The unique silk used in Meile &; Grace pillowcases contains 18 amino acids that easily react with skin and are quickly absorbed, which is how some of the skin revitalization process takes place while sleeping on an Anti-aging pillowcase. Silk has been also scientifically proven that natural silk is hypoallergenic and stops dust mites, making it a viable remedy for people with allergies. As someone who is allergic to everything I love that!

The smooth texture of the Meile & Grace pillowcase eliminates friction by seamlessly adjusting to your sleep movements, which helps prevent wrinkles and eliminates sleep lines. According to the American Association of Dermatology, sleeping on your side, with your face rubbing back and forth on your pillowcase causes wrinkles. The more friction your face encounters, the more chance you have of causing creases and folds in both your pillowcase and your skin as you sleep. After years of sleeping like that the creases on your face can become permanent!

First thing you will notice about the pillowcase is how great it feels. I already loved sleep but now with my Meile & Grace pillowcase I can’t wait to hop into bed and lay down on the super soft silk. The silk keeps cool all night which was great I run so hot when I sleep and the cool silk felt amazing. Another great feature of the reduced friction is the improvement in my hair. Now when I wake up my hair is not a frizzy, knotted nightmare.

The pillow may seem like a splurge item at $65 and up but I am all about the value. And considering all the benefits of this pillowcase and the fact it will last years of nightly use the price per use is next to nothing compared to a high end skin cream that will last a month or two.

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