Review: vbeauté Lip Spread


I am addicted to the vbeauté Lip Spread ! I was sent a sample and thought it was just  another gloss. As I headed out for a girls night I grabbed the tube and thought I would try it out. I noticed it was clear and I hadn’t read up on it yet so I thought it could moisturize my lips then I could put on the real color when I arrived downtown.

When my friend and I met up she asked what gloss I was wearing the color was amazing. Shocked I looked in the mirror and noticed, yes my lips were the most perfect shade of pink. Even better as the night and vodka tonics wore on my lips remained a beautiful shade of pink.  vbeauté Lip Spread is not just another gloss it leaves my lips so soft and smooth and I don’t feel the need to reapply every 20 minutes they feel that great. On top of moisturizing it has a ton of anti-aging properties to keep my lips looking great and the fact the color stays for hours amazing! 

I have forced every friend to try this product and they all love it, the coolest thing the shade of color is unique to each of our own chemistry. The price might seem like a splurge but compared to a $15 gloss that wears off and just looks pretty you are getting so much more in this little tube of magic!

vbeauté Lip Spread
Who wants soft, perfectly tinted, luscious lips? We all do! Lip Spread Anti-Age Tinting Lip Gloss delivers silky smooth, lightweight moisture while imparting your lips with an anti-aging gloss. Formulated with self-adjusting vBotanicals that react with your lip chemistry to create your very own afterglow. The formulation also keeps your lips feeling soothed and hydrated, while working to correct and prevent environmental damage.

Bare Lips                                               After application                                              2 hours later

Apply throughout the day for a unique tint to match your skin tone. Spread across the lips using the slanted applicator, pressing lips together to ensure even coverage.

Antioxidant Hydration Correction Prevention Tinting Paraben free Fragrance free Gluten free Nut free Oat free.

vComplex is a potent Swiss cellular concentrate based on Swiss Alpine Rose Botanical Technology (ARBT), an age-antagonist that helps the skin naturally prevent the cycle of aging. Specific to each formulation, vComplex is designed specifically to stop signs of aging in their tracks… at any age. Alpine Rose Botanical Technology (Antioxidant) vBotanicals (Tinting) BioCellular Peptide (Correction, Prevention) Sweet Cherry (Hydration) Pomegranate (Hydration)

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