Tanning Mishaps? Been There, Done That!

It’s that time of year when the sun starts peeking out and warming us up. In the Pacific NW anyday that is warmer that 60 calls for tank tops and shorts. As I start thinking about warmer weather and the skin revealing clothing that comes with it tank tops, skirts, shorts I realize its time to get my skin ready and ban the pasty white winter look.

When I was a teenager I loved laying in the sun with tanning oil, or passing the time in a tanning bed. I was being smart using a tanning bed it was faster therefore less skin damage right? right? Ok wrong oh so wrong, I’m glad I stopped as soon as I did. Still yearning for the golden glow but not wanting to risk skin damage I voyaged into the world of self tanners. I tried everything I could get my hands on but each one was worst than the last I had orange striped legs, spots, stained clothing oh and the wonderful look of dyeing my skin the color of carrots.

Even to this day I love self tanners, the dramatic ones that I can apply at night, fall asleep waking with a bronzed glow. So you would think that after 15 years of self tanners I would be past mistakes right? Oh not me trial and error for life, baby! So the problem with dramatic overnight self tanners? Well your mistakes they are….. dramatic.

Recently I had carefully buffed and dried my skin then applied a dark self tanner head to toe. I waited the appropriate drying time the jumped in bed ready to get some ZZZ’s awaking a golden goddess. Well as I should have learned by now I more Amelia Bedila than golden goddess. On this particular night my 3rd old son woke up crying and came part way through the night to sleep with me. No problem right who doesn’t want to cuddle a soft little guy while you snooze. Upon waking the next morning I rinsed off and was admiring my glow but as I dried off I noticed something strange on my leg. Hmm what was it, a tiny foot print? Yes… on my leg the little white imprint of a tiny foot. Hmm if the tanner had worn off my leg to leave a foot print where had the tanner gone? Well my son had one tan little foot. Oh man my tanning mishaps are now marking my kids what to try next?

Lucky for me I tried the new Jergens Natual Glow line. One of the issues I have had with daily self tanners is that tell tale self tanner scent. Well Jergens has a new odor blocker on their self tanners so I had to see if it really worked. I started with the Jergens® Natural Glow 3 Days To Glow™ Moisturizer and when I applied it I was happy to find no  self tanner smell. I figured at some point it would alter and I would smell like a self tanner. But it never  I  just had clean, fresh lotion scent from application until I showered.

The best part is by the next morning my skin had lost that pasty look and I could already see a faint bronze glow. This is a great product because you can build to your own color preference. If you just want to get rid of the pasty white shade use it for a day and you look great. Or use it for the full 3 days to get a beautiful golden glow that will have you looking great even in your skimpiest Spring dress.

NEW Jergens® Natural Glow Moisturizer provides the same great, natural-looking color but without the sunless tanner odor!

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