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Custom Nail Solutions Nail System
For decades, women seeking longer beautiful nails had limited options: Genetically you are blessed with long natural nails or subject yourself to harsh grindings, filings and toxic chemicals with acrylics and gel nails that are time consuming to apply every couple of weeks.

Nail beauty breakthrough has emerged that is changing the way women achieve nail beauty all over the world! Custom Nail Solutions Nail System has evolved from the dental industry and is a patented, revolutionary, custom fit finger nail that is guaranteed to never break, chip, crack, change shape or stain and will last your lifetime!

Your nail beds are as unique to you as your finger prints so when a set of nails is created for you they will fit no one but you! Your custom fit nails are removable and reusable. Paint them any color or brand nail polish, sheer or tint, apply nail art, nail wraps, or a clear top coat, and when you’re done with that look just remove with nail polish remover.

Standard Collection – Impression System & One Set of Custom-Fit Nails (at-home, mail-in kit)

One Custom Nail Solutions Impression System

This price also includes your beautiful complete Custom Nails and the complete Maintenance System that will be shipped with your nails.

This includes:

10 finger trays
1 spoon
1 yellow impression material
1 white impression material
1 Instruction sheet
1 Product brochure
1 Order Sheet
Instructional DVD on Website

Final Kit:

1 Set of Custom Nails
1 Bottle Soak Off
1 Soaking Dish
1 Nail Dehydrator
1 Adhesive Debonder
1 Nail Protector
1 Nail Cleanser
1 Nail Brush
4 Pink Cuticle Sticks
1 Nail Stand with 10 Plastic Dowels
1 Application Instruction Sheet
Pink Maintenance Kit Bag

Click here to learn more about Custom Nail Solutions Nail System.

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