Introducing David Evangelista 'Straight' Hair Smoothing and Straightening Serum

David Evangelista Straight Smoothing and Straightening Serum
Use it when you want that sleek straight hair with intense shine and no commitment – you’ll get exceptional smooth manageability and control until your next shampoo. Enjoy curly hair one day, straight the next, and back to wavy or curly when you wash it out. How much fun is that?

With naturally curly hair I of course love the look of my hair straightened. But I have to be careful to not destroy my hair in the process with heat and harsh products. I had the chance to review the new David Evangelista Straight Smoothing and Straightening Serum and it really is something special. The formula has a milk like color and texture. You just work it through towel dried hair then blow dry as usual.

As you can see from the photo above my hair is very curly and the image on the right was taken right after I blow dried with just the David Evangelista Straight Serum in my hair. I love how soft my hair looks and feels and it dried much faster than normal cutting down on heat damage. I was impressed how straight my hair was after blow drying I think this is a great product that will work for a lot of hair types. And the best part it washes right out so I can be curly the next day.

David Evangelista Straight Smoothing and Straightening Serum

What It Does
Coats hair for damage protection from blow drying
Give hair a soft, clean feel

Daily smoothing treatment with a unique blend of argan oil, hemp and vegetable protein
Uses Vegetable Protein Technology
Humidity- and frizz-resistant
Made in USA

How to Use:
Apply to towel-dried, shampooed and conditioned hair
Use a nickel-size for short hair; a quarter-size for long hair
Distribute evenly throughout your hair
Blow-dry with your favorite brush for the desired effect


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