Male grooming: The Real Price

Whether male or female, looking good requires a lot of effort. You have to think about what to wear, what colors suit you and which products you decide to apply. There was a time when only women had to worry about doing all that, but men today are confronted with the same level of choice.

Dressed to impress?

Male grooming has been on the rise in the past 20 years. As men have taken more pride in the way they look, more products and clothes have been made, catering to different tastes. A trip to the local high street or shopping mall will lead to as much indecision for men as it would for women now!

A recent article stated that clothes for men are generally cheaper than women’s clothing, which may suggest that guys spend less on fashion, but the gap seems to be narrowing between the genders. However, some women might begin to ask the question: is my man spending more on their looks than me?

Vanity comes at a cost

Today, men are almost as likely as women to visit a tanning shop and are just as likely to have an accident. A survey by showed that fashion-related injuries are more common than you may think, especially for men!

When it came to tanning, 20% of guys who were injured while receiving fashion treatments were hurt during a UV tanning session. 16% said the same during spray tanning, while 13% complained of getting hurt when getting a haircut!

While women aren’t completely immune from fashion-related injuries, it shows that some guys are becoming just as, if not even more vain than women. Spending hours on end getting a tan, styling their hair or even on choosing the right aftershave to wear for a night on the town is becoming more common nowadays.

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