Jennifer Lawrence's $4.50 beauty secret!

Jennifer Lawrence is one busy girl! She’s got her calender full of awards ceremonies, thanks to her amazing performance in ‘Silver Linings Playbook.’ She’s taken home nearly every Best Actress award so far – only ceremony left is the Oscars, you know… no big deal.

So how does Jennifer keep her figure so slim during all of her public appearances? She’s resorted to an old fashioned trick – Epsom Salts!

Epsom Salts, or magnesium sulphate, is a traditional remedy for constipation that , when added to bath water, is said to helps reduce bloating by drawing water out of the stomach and into the gut.

The actress first began using the time-honoured remedy after a recommendation from her friend and personal trainer, Dalton Wong.

Wong said: ‘Epsom Salts help to get rid of any bloating in the body before slipping into a red carpet dress.

‘It’s a great trick that anyone can use if they’re working up to wearing a particularly clingy dress.’

And Jennifer is not the only celeb Epsom Salts fan.

Gwyneth Paltrow recently revealed that an Epsom Salts bath is her favorite way to ensure she looks radiant.

Luckily for Jennifer and Gwyneth, Epsom Salts, unlike the majority of supplements, don’t involve pill popping or having to force something nasty down your throat.

According to Epsom Salts brand, Care, all you have to do to make the most of their £2.89 salts is add them to your bath and relax for 15 minutes before taking a quick shower to wash it all off.

What’s more, says GP Dr Sarah Jarvis, the salts can also help remove toxins from the muscles, relax and reduce muscle soreness due to the effect on the body’s serotonin levels.

From the sounds of it, I need like 5 Epsom Salts baths a day! It sounds amazing! I remember my mom doing it when I was younger, and now I know why! Time to hit up the grocery store!

I love it when I read articles like these, when celebrities – who have access to absolutely anything they want – still use cheap, tried and true affordable products!


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