Bare Foot Repair for those aching feet this winter!

It’s easy to neglect your feet when they are covered by tights, booties, and duck-boots. But with cold, wet weather wreaking havoc on your toes, this is the most important time to REPAIR! your routine.

I swear I lather my body up head to toe all winter long. This cold can be BRUTAL on the skin! My feet are also dry, so I was excited to receive these three products in the mail the other day. They offer relief for those poor feet of yours!

Restore moisture with the intensive Bare Foot Repair! for Cracked Heels Foot Balm (SRP: $6.99). Packed with the advanced healing properties of Peppermint and Rosemary Leaf Oils, this balm delivers instant relief to severely dry, cracked heels as the delicious scent of fresh Avocado-Cucumber makes you feel like you’ve stepped into your own at-home spa.

Soften calluses that form from new shoes and high heels without harsh abrasives. Bare Foot Repair! Callus Softening Foot Lotion  (SRP: $6.99) hydrates toes using essential natural oils as Paraffin works deep into dry skin for a buttery soft feeling from heel to toe.

Relieve pain and kick your feet up after a long day (or night) with a deeply-penetrating foot cream. Bare Foot Repair! for Pain Relief (SRP: $6.99) relies on three pain relief ingredients – Urea, Karanja Oil, and Neem Oil – to neutralize muscle pain and soothe away aches almost instantly.

You can find these products at a drugstore near you!

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