StyleList: Best and Worst Celebrity Bangs.

Bangs are a bold statement, one that can look incredible when done right. But be forewarned, there are times when even those with extremely expensive stylists get a not-so-great chop.

We’ve seen pop queen Britney Spears suffer from a choppy and uneven cut, and multi-award winner Claire Danes sport a too-long side bang, but there are plenty who have gotten it just right. Alexis Bledel keeps her bangs flirty and delicate, while Taylor Swift rocks a bolder, thicker fringe. Famous faces Kerry Washington and Michelle Obama have nailed the straight-across look, and we’re swept away by Reese Witherspoon’s side-swept locks.

Click here to take  a look through StyleList’s gallery to see some of the best (and we hate to say, worst) celebrity bangs.

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