Reader Review! Flower Lip Service Lip Butter

One of our lovely MakeHerUp readers Lisa W. purchasedt the new Flower Lip Butter and let us know her thoughts.

I love the Flower Lip Gloss but I do have two things I would change. The cap was not secure and kept falling off and the container doesn’t list the color.

We love reader reviews, if you tried something and loved or hated it let us know!

Flower Lip Service Lip Butter
Flower Lip Service Lip Butter has a buttery-soft texture that glides on easily, leaving leaves lips looking smooth and full. The rich texture provides an optical plumping effect and has a high percentage of emollient oil for a super-smooth, shiny finish.

Flower Lip Service Lip Butter:
Superior shine
Buttery-soft texture
Plumping effect


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