Introducing Eye Majic!

The Eye Majic eye shadow applicator is great for the woman on the go. The shades are already coordinated, no more hassle of adding each color one at a time. You can create the perfect look even in a hurry.I have used similar products but found Eye Majic was the easiest to use. The foam applicator and tab made it easy to position right where I needed it and the shadow was easy to blend if I made a mistake. I love that is lasted all day and the colors are vibrant and beautiful!

I tried the Icognita shade, I loved the way the colors blended and how the green brightened my blue eyes. The picture above is my first try at Eye Majic the colors came out great and I used the applicator to smudge and correct my little error. Can’t wait to try more colors from the line.

Eye Majic is the revolutionary eye shadow applicator that makes achieving a professional-quality look as easy as one simple swipe. Available in an array of fashion-forward hues, the pre-colored “hold and press” applicators create a precise, high-pigment look quickly and easily with no additional shadows or brushes needed. Create the perfect look at home, or toss the compact, individually-packaged applicators in your bag for an on-the-go touch-up.

Eye Majic Instant Eye Shadow combines eye shadow color and expert design onto a small, eye-shaped pad. Position the pad over your eye, press down, slide it off, and you’re left with a complete eye makeup look in an instant.

Eye Majic takes all the guesswork out of applying eye shadow with an exclusive Heat Transfer technology – To get perfect, precise, makeup artist quality eyes just hold the applicator pad to the eyelid area and gently press for up to 4 seconds, and with a slight upward move, swipe the applicator across the eyelid, up and out.

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