Katy Perry Debuts New Color Pop Lashes Eyelure.


A POP of color for your lashes! Katy Perry, multi-platinum-selling recording artist and global pop superstar, has designed four gorgeous new eye-opening, color-engaged eyelash styles to accompany her growing collection with award-winning beauty innovators, Eylure.

A brand new concept, designed personally by Katy, the stunning and wearable new lashes join the popular Katy Perry by Eylure collection. The new Katy Perry Color Pop Lashes by Eylure are meant to define the eye and add a flash of striking, yet subtle, color to make your eyes pop!

“A Pop Art theme is my next natural progression from my cotton candy world. I’m excited to apply these pops of blue, purple and peacock green to my new lash range,” says Katy. “These are not just a futuristic fashion favorite; each one can really help bring out the color of your eyes! They’re the new wave to bat your lashes.”

I love the color pop on the new Katy Perry lashes. I tried Ka-Ching  and cut the strip in half and applied to the outside of my eyes. I loved how light they were and the touch of color was fun and cute without being theatrical. They are the perfect for a night on the town and you can’t beat the price at $7.99 a pair.

Katy’s new Color Pop range includes four lines: three new strip lashes and one set of individual lashes in the following styles:

‘Scuse me ma’am, its Ka-Zaam! Your eyes are moments away from a Superhero makeover. Little lash flares are made to be built up into something truly fabulous. Go all out and use all three jewel tones in one look or pick your favorite and layer them up to skyscraper heights. Zoinks!

Oh Wow, Ka-Pow! These violet tipped beauties are a special gift for all eye shades, but will add extra POW-er to brown hued eyes. Be your own alter ego by ditching the dull and buffing up those beautiful eyes. It really is your brand new secret weapon. Holy Lash power!

Make room for Ka-Boom! It’s the secret agent working for the blue-tification of most eye colors, yet will really add snap and pop to the blue-y shades. One flutter of your super-powered peepers and you’ll never look back. Introducing..Gal Wonder!

It’s m’thing, Ka-Ching! A normal gal by day, a fabulously lashed super-vixen by night. This proud-as-a-peacock toned lash is the best sidekick a busy-beauty can have. It works with all eye colors, helps you look amazing and works your look tirelessly for hours! Ka-ka-ka-ka-CHING!

The new Katy Perry Color Pop Lashes by Eylure retail for $9.50 and are available at Claire’s.


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