Celebrity Interior Design Cars!

It seems that in the celeb world, the kind of car you drive really defines the person you are, or the kind of person you want people to think you are!

To that end it looks like certain preconceptions can be made not just on the make of car but the model too. While new, limited edition minis are said to be hair-dressers cars, the super sports cars are known to be driven by men who think of themselves to be ‘players’, while big jeeps, especially with blacked out windows are reserved for the gangsters among us.

While these presumptions may be wildly generalising, there are a lot of fun ways girls at least can customise a car to make sure their personal print is prominent.

If you have a bit of money like Kim Kardashian, the new Ferrari F430 could be the car for you! Apart from looking fantastic, the F430 also holds its value well according to Vcars. Especially because it’s built so well and is seen by many car enthusiasts as a classic, timeless model. In fact the Ferrari F430 Spider retains its value better that any other year old convertible.

Similarly, Paris Hilton, known for some strange accessories, a dog being the prime example, seems to have gotten her hands on the Bentley GT Continental a car with no less than a $285,000 price tag. Paris’s Bentley though, is like no other in the world. The classic car has received the Barbie treatment and everything from the interior to the sheet metal, wheels and even grill are bright pink.

While this may not be your style, you have to admit, having the opportunity to completely customise your car is never something to turn your nose up at! Louis Vuitton and Burberry have the perfect collections for anyone with love for their car and money to burn.

Both big designer brands have branched out from their normal clothing ranges to offer some spectacular car interior designs that cover not just your upholstery but the walls, ceiling and dashboard of your car.


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