Drew Barrymore's Flower Line Now Available for Purchase!

Photos: Donato Sardella

Drew Barrymore’s new affordable makeup line Flower has just hit shelves in WalMart and we can’t wait to try it! StyleList has taken a look at some of the items she’s offering and pulled them out just for you. Check out there Top 9 products here.


After a stint from 2004 to 2005 as a spokeswoman for Lancôme, Barrymore enlarged her role in beauty at Procter & Gamble Co.’s Cover Girl, where she’s been a face and co-creative director since 2007, and is now taking it a step further by launching Flower, a color cosmetics brand she co-owns with design and manufacturing firm Maesa Group that will enter 1,509 Wal-Mart doors in January.

With Flower, Maesa and Barrymore have committed to transforming the landscape of the beauty industry by offering what Scott Oshry, president, partner and board member at Maesa, described as “true luxury at mass. Once we identified this white space, we thought to ourselves, you know what, we should tackle this. We should build the best color cosmetics brand that we can,” he said.

Flower will be housed in four-foot sections and endcaps at Wal-Mart stores exclusively. It will be available online at walmart.com, too.

Flower will sell 181 stockkeeping units priced from $4.98 to $13.98, including 70 in the face category, 44 in eye, 51 in lip and 16 in nail. The face products contain a proprietary botanical-driven “soft focus complex” to amplify skin’s glow. Maesa emphasized that the formulas are custom-made at the same price as those used in luxury products, meaning the firm spends two to three times what a typical mass beauty marketer does on each product.

Tucker-Moss said Flower’s BB cream is a “true BB cream.” “It is not the new version, which is really a marketing twist. They are tinted moisturizers,” she said. “Ours is an actual treatment cream that addresses everything from blemishes to enlarged pores.” Talking about Powder Up, she continued, “Our loose powder is quadruple milled. Only one factory — ours — has the machine to physically do it. It’s only been at prestige. It’s never been seen at mass before.”

Barrymore elucidated that Ultimate Mascara is a modern take on Maybelline Dial-a-Lash, a favorite makeup product of hers from the Eighties that allowed users to adjust how much mascara they wanted to put on. Ultimate Mascara has three settings for the brush, so users can choose to enhance lashes’ length, thickness or curl — or all three. “If you are feeling thickening one day, just leave it [the brush] scrunched. If you just want lengthening, leave it long, but if you want that amazing, grab it, clump it, thicken it, brush-out quality, you move the wand around,” she said.




The new Flower Beauty line is available for purchase at Walmart.com, Walmart stores  and www.flowerbeauty.com



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