Ready to Spice things up for Valentine's Day?

I love the idea behind the Bedroom Chemist whether you want to spice things up or are just looking for something new this is your kit. You can order a single box or set up a subscription so you have a surprise each month. The whole box is beautifully put together I love that it comes wrapped like a gift it makes opening it and exploring each month’s collection a special time for you and your partner. The whole kit comes so discreetly that only you and that special someone will know what is inside. 

If you are looking for a gift they won’t forget check out the Bedroom Chemist, and add a little fun back into the bedroom!

Bedroom Chemist is a website dedicated to bringing women advice, tips, and couple-friendly products to keep their unique bedroom chemistry energized. They believe that if couples have great chemistry in the bedroom, their sex life—and their appreciation for each other—gets better and better.

I received my kit via the mail. It was packaged very discreetly in a plain white box. The addressee was listed as “B. Chemist”. Inside the plain packaging, it’s wrapped up like a  present, in a cute box with ribbons and tissue paper. The first thing you see is a booklet which describes each product included, and tells you how they can be used.

Bedroom Chemist Starter Kit – Oral Pleasures

The kit has three main products. One for desire, one for foreplay, and one for passion. It also includes a few little extras for added fun.

Skip dessert and satisy your sweet craving’s with Bijoux’s Naughty Lolli and Kama Sutra’s Lover’s Milk Chocolate Body Paint. The “Naughty Lolli” is a double ended lolli pop for a sexy Lady and the Tramp scene that is sure to get things going. If your partner loves chocolate Kama Sutra’s Lover’s Milk Chocolate Body Paint will be the perfect way to start your evening. Have fun decorating your partner’s body and then cleaning them off.

The Going Down Guide, whether oral pleasure is foreign territory or you’re a guru, the Going Down Guide will help you with tips and new techniques to try to make your partner putty in your hands.

Swede’s Fruity Love lubricant in sparkling strawberry will bring extra sweet fun to the bedroom. Swede is complety natural, long lasting and PH balanced. A multi tasker at heart you can use Swede for a intimate massage, or tasty stimulant.

Learn more about the Bedroom Chemist and order your own box here.

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