Tiffani Thiessen poses in her underwear for 'Me In My Place', says "I was never the waify model type"

Tiffani Thiessen just reminds me of my childhood. I remember her best from ‘Saved By the Bell’, and then when she joined the cast of ‘90210’. She’s one of the few child actors who actually grew up to have a successful TV career. She now stars on ‘White Collar’ a show I really wish I was into, I hear it’s good. Anyway, Tiffani posed for ‘Me In My Place’, which caught her at home, in her underwear. Totally natural, of course.

I like these pictures. I think she looks cute, and not trashy. They look classy for her age (38). She looks great, and I think if you’ve got it – flaunt it! Here are some tidbits from the interview:

Howard Stern once said she had the “most perfect breasts in the world”: “Yeah, he said that before I had kids (laughing loudly). He first said that around the time that first FHM cover came out, it came up again when I did his show again last year. I’m not gonna say I’m not flattered, he’s Howard Stern, Howard knows boobs. The fact that he talked about me positively, I’ll take it! He was really nice and complimentary, in his own special way he was very respectful.”

On the pressure of being a sex symbol: “I think any time you are on a hit show as a young actor or actress, you feel that way. Then as a woman, there’s some additional pressures you feel to look a certain way and be a certain size. I was not the girl that was a size 2 and didn’t work for it. I was never the waify model type.”

What’s the one character she wants to play? “I got very close to that once, one thing that I always wanted to do was be a Bond Girl. I tested but didn’t get it. It was also probably the hardest rejection, because I’m such a fan of the movies. It was between me and 2 other actresses at the time. Unfortunately the actress who got the job, went on to be voted as one of the worst Bond Girls as well.”

Guilty pleasures? “Wine and chocolate. Or if a “Designing Women” marathon is on, I won’t switch it off. God I love that show.”

Favorite 90s song: “I absolutely loved Boys 2 Men, but I’d have to say George Michael’s “I Want Your Sex.” I played that over and over again, I’m not kidding you.”

Being a TV staple: “Sometimes it’s crazy to think about how “Saved By The Bell” and “90210” ran for so long and internationally too. I feel very fortunate and blessed, to have worked on shows that lived for a while. Especially after experiencing that popularity at such a young age. Then to continue to say I’m a working actress now, I still really enjoy it.”

Love her!


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