Get Healthy in 2013- My Review DDP Yoga!

2012 was a big change for me I adopted the Paleo diet and got back to the gym. I lost a significant amount of weight but hit a plateau in late summer where I have been just chilling. I still have weight to lose and more importantly I want to get stronger and healthier. I have 3 kids and work full time and I need to be in shape just to keep up. I was looking for something new to revive my workout routine when  I saw a video about DDP Yoga and was moved to tears at the dramatic changes Arthur experienced. The amazing team at DDP Yoga offered to let me review a set to give you my personal take on it.

I am starting on the YRG combo pack and the first thing I see is a pamphlet with Diamond Dallas Page “It ain’t your mama’s yoga” While I was intrigued a part of me thought yoga is yoga…right? Well after the first day I realized I was wrong very wrong. Now I love working out and hit the gym for 2 hrs a day Monday through Friday so I wasn’t sure if yoga would be enough to feel like a workout.

I started with the “Diamond Dozen” on the first disc. In this workout DDP explains the 13 basic moves involved. I like how he breaks each move down and they aren’t too difficult with the modifications anyone could do this program starting at their own level. I am one of those people who need things explained don’t just tell me lunges will give me a firm butt tell me how. I love how he explains each move and how it works it helps keep me motivated.

After completing the “Diamond Dozen” I decided to jump right in and do the “Energy” workout. The moves again were all well explained it took the basic Diamond Dozen and incorporated them into fluid movements. I loved all the dynamic resistance it still boggles my mind how well it works. I lift weights 5 days a week and the next day I could tell what an amazing workout I had with the DDP Yoga and best of all no impact and no strain. On top of my muscles getting a first class workout I love all the stratching my whole body feels better.

I am only a few days in but I really am impressed. I will be  tracking my progress and be updating with reviews as I try the other videos and let you know how I feel and how effective the program is for losing weight. They have a great DDP Yoga community that I joined you can get on the boards anytime of day to get help, encouragement or ask questions to help maximize your workout.

If you are looking to get healthier in 2013, check out the DDP program with me or anyone who is on it I would love to hear your thoughts. Here is to a happy and healthier new year and not waiting until May to get swimsuit ready!



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