Jessica Simpson posts picture of her bare pregnant belly – in a bikini!

Jessica Simpson announced to the world that she’s pregnant for a second time, on Christmas Day. Now, the 32-year-old tweeted a picture showing off how far along she really is!

Jessica posed in front of a mirror, and took the picture of herself in a bikini and robe, exposing her bare belly. She wrote “Bumpin’ and Proud.”

The image comes as Jessica graces the cover of the upcoming issue of the Weight Watchers magazine.

The singer and designer flaunts the results of her 50lb weight loss on the January cover of the diet programme’s periodical, in which she talks about how she slimmed down after the birth of daughter Maxwell.

‘I’m crazy about smoothies, so I bring fruit chopped up and ready to go,’ she explained.

‘That way, I can sip the same smoothie all morning long between takes. If it thins out, I put it back in the blender with crushed ice for a few minutes.’

But since Simpson is now pregnant with her second child, and has relaxed her adherance to the Weight Watchers plan until after the birth.

But she will remain the face of the company and they will continue to run ads promoting the blonde’s 50lb weight loss, as well as pushing a new commercial in which she announces her pregnancy.

Praising her ‘successful’ weight loss, the company added: ‘Jessica will not be following the programme during the pregnancy while her weight and well-being are monitored by her obstetrician.’

Gotta give the girl kudos. She looks amazing in the picture above.

Here’s another picture she posted, which we first saw last week.

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