Sparkle for New Years!

I usually shy away from glitter eyeliner they tend to do a number on my sensitive eyes. Well glitter fans fear not the burn of flaking glitter, Sephora Collection Glitter Eyeliner is here to add the sparkle without the pain! The Sephora Glitter Eyeliner  adds sparkling glitter to your lash line with a single swipe.

I really love this line, they stay put with no flaking and because they have a clear base you can do a single swipe for a touch of glitter or double up to make your eyes pop. I like to add a single line of glitter over my regular black eyeliner to add some dimension to my eyes. Perfect for New Years parties.

Sephora Collection Glitter Eyeliner

What it is:
A gel-based eyeliner with serious sparkle.

What it does:
Sephora Brand Glitter Eyeliner creates a defined, precise, long lasting line that is full of brilliant glitter for an all-out glam-tastic look! Steal the spotlight at your special occasion or simply flaunt a little shimmery flair for the fun of it!

What else you need to know:
This versatile liner adds glitter to the lash line and can also be used over different eye shadows. However you wear your gorgeous gleam, you’re sure to get starry-eyed stares!

Choose From:

  •  Black
  • Opal
  • Silver
  • Purple
  • Blue
  • Teal
  • Gold


On sale for $7

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